Hello, #hungrygrls Blog!

For those of you who don’t know, let us explain a little about #hungrygrls…

BFF = Best Foodie Friends

Who are the #hungrygrls? We are two best friends, one in New York and the other in DC, who have a fine appreciATEtion for good food. We met in college and started a Twitter account, @Hungrygrlprobs, which quickly picked up steam with 3k followers. By 2013, our Twitter apps were collecting dust so we switched over to Instagram and re-branded ourselves to hungrygrls. Finally, we both moved to big cities, set out to conquer the food scene and currently have nearly 10k followers.

What do we want from you?

We want to gain your trust (about food). We’ll tell you what we know, what is absolutely DELISH and we’ll make it short and sweet. Over time, you’ll have a trendy food guide to THE BEST restaurants, treats and eats in New York, DC and some cities in between. Also, please tell us what YOU know because we are always looking for the next big thing before it’s trending on Instagram.

And did we mention that you look absolutely radishing today? Because you do.

From two girls who love carbs more than most,

Olivia & Jennie


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