The Cronut.

We know we’re late to the party on this trendy food item, but the cronut is worth mentioning. And believe it or not, when we went to Dominique Ansel on Monday morning to pick up the cronuts that we pre-ordered (it’s a frustrating process because their website is still in Beta aka bad shape), there was NO LINE. Literally no line. So we THINK the key might be to go on a cold, rainy morning before or around 9AM…if you can get out of bed.

Now, let’s talk about the important stuff: TASTE, EXPERIENCE & PRICE

TASTE: Yum. Each cronut is a little smaller than we had imagined, but they make up for it in flavor. November’s flavor is Caribbean Rum Raisin (with Tahitian vanilla sugar and sultanas). Not sure exactly what all that means, but it was delicious. Creamy, oozy, crunchy, buttery goodness – the perfect pastry hybrid.

EXPERIENCE: Minus the “pre-order fiasco” it was lovely. Just keep in mind that the more beautiful the morning, the longer the line. Otherwise, we loved the back patio because the lighting back there was #flawless.

PRICE: $5/cronut. They are VERY rich so you can probably get one less, instead of one more. We probably should have ordered two instead of…four, but you live and you learn.


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