Let’s mallow out.

We consider ourselves to be pretty “chill” girls, but when the CHILLY temperatures come out to play…we want to run and hide. So last weekend we sought refuge in City Bakery for a cup of hot chocolate, one giant homemade mallow (aka marshmallow for all you normal folk), and a chance to get inside and defrost for a moment.

City Bakery isn’t necessarily a warm and cozy place, but it is a well-oiled machine. If there are long lines on both sides of the counter, don’t you worry because they go really fast. Also, if you’re not in the mood for something sweet, there is a lot of savory food in the back of the bakery and a ‘Mac n Cheese Station’, which we will have to go back and check out for ourselves.

Now, let’s talk┬ábizness.

TASTE: PURE CHOCOLATE. Their hot chocolate is delicious, but it is extremely rich. If you have been to Angelina’s in Paris, you’ll remember what it tasted like to basically drink a chocolate bar mixed with cream, City Bakery’s hot cocoa is a very similar experience. We could have split one cup (two girls one cup HAH!) instead of getting our own. The marshmallow is awesome, especially when it melts into the hot cocoa, but it is obviously very sugary and it makes this little blue cup a lot to handle.

EXPERIENCE: We’re into City Bakery and we definitely need to go back and see the Chocolate Room, the Mac n Cheese Station, and try all of their savory food options. Overall, it’s a cute place to stop into during a full day of shopping/walking around the city.

PRICE: Watch out. Your little blue cup with mallow will cost you a chocoLOT. We got two cups of hot cocoa with mallows and a chocolate chip cookie and the total was $17. A little steep for a sweet treat!


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