Getting Baked(& Wired)

We know everyone THINKS Georgetown Cupcake is the hot spot to go in DC, but it’s just not. We get it…they have a TV show, but that does not mean they have the best cupcakes OR that you should wait in a line around the block and down the street just to get a taste. If you want THE BEST that The District has to offer, you find┬áThomas Jefferson Street (also in Georgetown) and skip over to Baked & Wired. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

TASTE: EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. From the crazy names of their cupcakes to the cupcakes themselves (Strawberry, Pumpkin Pumpkin Spice, and The Unporked Elvis to name a few favorites), everything tastes amazing. Oh, we should probably mention these are big cupcakes, each one may or may not weigh approximately 5lbs…NOT a bad thing, just thought you should know. Another one of our all-time favorite treats is the “OMG Bar”. If you leave Baked & Wired without one of these unreal s’mores bars…OMG. You’re doing it wrong. So try a lot, bring some to a dinner party or back home…to eat by yourself.

EXPERIENCE: The place itself is the cutest freakin’ thing. Right when you walk up to Baked & Wired, you’ll see the most adorable┬ápainted bicycle and then the inside is filled with local art, funny sayings and clever little touches. Pastries are to the left and a coffee bar is to the right, can you tell we’re in love with this place yet?

PRICE: Okay so it’s a little pricey (aka a dozen cupcakes could cost you the same price as a new top), but it is totally worth it. Number 1: You don’t NEED to buy a dozen cupcakes. Number 2: When something is so delicious, it’s worth the line and the price. Just sayin. We think anytime you’re in DC (or Georgetown), you need to get Baked (& Wired).


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