Momofuk’in Thankful


At approximately 4:09pm on a Wednesday late last month we were busy at work  flicking through our Instagram feed when a certain fall-themed photo caused our jaws to drop open.

No, it wasn’t another basic b calling herself a basic b frolicking in a pumpkin patch (guilty), nor was it a picture of a girl in an all too predictable cat Halloween costume (also very guilty). It wasn’t even a picture of a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks adorned with the botched name spelling*. It was a new kind of ‘FALL IS EFFING HERE’ declaration and it looked momofuking mouthwatering.

We’re talking about the momofuku-milk-bar-thanksgiving-croissant of course! We saw THE POST & in less than 24 hours made it ours.  And we are oh so glad we did. Details below:

TASTE: Melt-in-your-mouth good. The thanksgiving croissant consists of turkey, cranberries, and gravy encased in a stuffing flavored shell. We got this bad boy for breakfast thinking it may lean toward croissant but can confidently say that it falls more into the lunch realm. Think thanksgiving leftovers – meets hot pocket – meets fine French pastry. The thanksgiving croissant is a great mix of sweet and salty, is definitely filling, and is a little greasy so have the napkins (and sweatpants) ready.  Much like going to a pumpkin patch and thanksgiving itself, we would say that the thanksgiving croissant is a once in a year indulgence that should never ever be passed up.

EXPERIENCE: We got this from the new(ish) Soho milk bar location, which is really more of a takeout window. When we arrived at 8:50am it was still closed and there was no wait. At exactly 9:00am the window slid open we were able to order our croissants. After a quick spin in the oven, we were on our way. Easy-peasy.  We love this location as it’s pretty hidden and discreet, especially as compared to the East Village spot.

PRICE: Only $4.50 for an extremely filling….brunch(?) item. Note – the Soho location only takes credit or debit cards.

*We have a theory that they do this on purpose just so girls will Instagram their Latte’s. Don’t become a statistic.


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